Trump called mentally ill the author of the scandalous book about himself

The US president noted that the leading American media “go crazy” because of his victory in the presidential elections. He lamented the large number of fake news and the fact that journalists “do not try to convey the right information.”

“They promote the fake book of a mentally ill author who consciously writes false information,” the American leader wrote in his microblogging.

Michael Wolfe’s book appeared on the shelves on 9 January. It says, in particular, that Donald Trump did not expect to win the presidential election, and his wife Melania was shocked by the prospect of becoming the first lady. Wolfe also writes that a number of Trump advisors were worried about the mental health of their boss. In the US, the book became a bestseller. At the same time, the White House denied its content, and Trump’s personal lawyer demanded to suspend its distribution.

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