Khloé Kardashian confesses who pressured her to lose weight

Khloé Kardashian already revealed in her day that the stylists did not want to dress her. Now the celebrity has revealed who pressured her to lose weight because it was “damaging the brand image.”

Khloé Kardashian is happily pregnant with her boy, Tristan Thompson. Now she takes care more than ever to make her pregnancy go smoothly, but there was a time when stylists “did not want to dress her” because of her curves.

But the pressure came mostly from her immediate surroundings, as she has revealed in the second season of her program: “They told me: ‘Khloé, you have to lose weight because you are damaging the brand image’. I think it’s not what you say, but how you say it … I understand that it came from the family manager, but it hurts. ” And who is the manager of the Kardashian clan? Your mother, Kris Jenner!

For her it was not easy: “I am an emotional tragaldabas and before, if anything happened to me, I would react in plan to bring chicken fingers and an ice cream”. And he continues: “My transformation began with my divorce. I started training and I realized that the sport was so necessary and so therapeutic that, as a consequence, I started losing weight. I saw a bit of definition there and thought, ‘Ok, I’m going to keep this going.’ “

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