GoPro Karma – Stable in heaven and on earth

The GoPro Karma is not just a flywheel, it’s a dron system, a camera stabilizer, a stabilizer handle, and an accessory. The camera stabilizer (what is commonly referred to as a gimbal in English) is necessary for drones if you want to have a nice shot. The problem is that the drone transmits too much vibration to the camera, so without the video stabilizer the video is muted, blinking, and the “wish-effect” of the rolling shutter may be visible, if it is a camera that slows the sensor image down slower. GoPro has a great deal of added functionality for this stabilizer – it can also be used to get a smooth, smooth handshake. You will simply remove it from the drum and put it in the handle to get the Karma Grip (more about it in the box), which can also be purchased as a separate product.

Let’s go back to the beginning of the story – dron Karma has not started its life in the best way. Due to bugs in the technical design of the drum, the battery was not properly attached to the aircraft, so there were cases when the drones in the flight lost power and fall. That’s why GoPro withdrew all Karma in less than a month after launching on the market. Engineers came to solve the problem and only three months later Karma was ready for another attempt to conquer the market.

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