From next year, iOS and MacOS applications are combined?

Potentially the big news is behind the hill in Apple. Namely, Bloomberg writes that they learned that the Cupertina company plans to begin merging its two major platforms early next year. So far separated as two large ecosystem applications, mobile iOS and desktop macOS, they should soon be able to run the same applications.

Apple’s allegedly developers are preparing the ability to simultaneously create, in the same program environment, only one application, which should then be run on any Apple device, whether it’s an iMac, a MacBook, an iPhone, or an iPad. It would be if the information turns out to be true, a big change for developers who have until now had to develop completely different applications for mobile and desktop devices if they wanted to place them on both platforms.

Additionally, users might also have more and more application updates – more likely to come to desktops and mobile devices from the same site. In Apple, this project, the code name “Marzipan” has been working for some time, and it is said to be a big and multi-year project of unifying the developer and user experience on previously separate operating systems.

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