Even 15 earthquakes hit Athens last night

In Greece, a series of earthquakes was registered, according to seismological agencies, the epicenter of the first earthquake with a magnitude of 4.4 degrees Rihter was about 25 kilometers northeast of Athens at a depth of five kilometers.

The first earthquake occurred last night at 22:30 local time, followed by a series of a total of 15 earthquakes.

For now, there are no data on material damage and injury, Greek media reported.

Last week, near Athens, in the areas of Rafina and Nea Makri, 18 weaker earthquakes were registered, three times higher than Rihter.

In July, a Greek earthquake of 6.7 degrees is registered in the Greek island of Crete, the strongest in the past year.

Greece is located in the zone of seismic activity, and in recent years earthquakes have become almost everyday.

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