Elsa Pataky and Miley Cyrus have received 2018 with the craziest party

Elsa Pataky has bid farewell to 2017 with Miley Cyrus with whom she has been enjoying a musical festival, as the model has shown in a snapshot she has shared on her Instagram. With the exception of Chris and Liam Hemsworth, the entire family has been giving their all in the Falls Festival to welcome the New Year in style.

Elsa Pataky has welcomed 2018 in a very curious and different way to the rest of mortals. And is that the model has received the year with a real party in Byron Bay, Australia, with his sister in law Miley Cyrus, as he has seen on his Instagram.

The almost complete family has been at the Falls Festival, a show held annually at the end of December. And is that despite having concentrated there cousins, brothers and friends, Chris and Liam Hemsworth have not come to the festival.

To recall that original moment, all have posed with a most extravagant dress praising the Burning Man festival that takes place in Nevada, United States, where it is characteristic to wear such sets.

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