The Saudi prince refused to pay six billion dollars for the settlement

Saudi billionaire Prince Al Valid bin Talal bin Abdulaziz was allegedly transferred from Ric Karlon to another location. According to the media, the prince refused to pay $ 6 billion as part of a settlement on the current fight against corruption in the country. The Prince was among the 60 arrested in that great action. […]

GoPro Karma – Stable in heaven and on earth

The GoPro Karma is not just a flywheel, it’s a dron system, a camera stabilizer, a stabilizer handle, and an accessory. The camera stabilizer (what is commonly referred to as a gimbal in English) is necessary for drones if you want to have a nice shot. The problem is that the drone transmits too much […]

From next year, iOS and MacOS applications are combined?

Potentially the big news is behind the hill in Apple. Namely, Bloomberg writes that they learned that the Cupertina company plans to begin merging its two major platforms early next year. So far separated as two large ecosystem applications, mobile iOS and desktop macOS, they should soon be able to run the same applications. Apple’s […]

Chrome 63 sacrificing memory for better security

The most popular web browser in the world, Google Chrome has already reached its 63rd version. A stable version of Chrome 63 was released later this week for desktop systems (Window, Mac and Linux). As usual, Google made sure that in the new version it packs some minor flaws discovered in the previous versions, and […]

HTC unveiled U11 EYEs smartphone

HTC launched the fourth version of its U11 model. In front of us, the HTC U11 EYEs, with 6-inch Super LCD 3 and 18: 9 aspect ratio, and accordingly, also reduced the amount of space around the screen. It is powered by a Snapdragon 652 processor in combination with 4 GB of RAM. The capacity […]

Palestinian leaders voted to suspend the decision on Jerusalem

Palestinian leaders have voted to suspend a decision to recognize Jerusalem for the capital of Israel in response to US President Donald Trampe’s decision to support the idea, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) said. In a statement issued by AFP, it is said that the PLO Executive Committee was appointed to revoke the recognition of […]