Khloé Kardashian confesses who pressured her to lose weight

Khloé Kardashian already revealed in her day that the stylists did not want to dress her. Now the celebrity has revealed who pressured her to lose weight because it was “damaging the brand image.” Khloé Kardashian is happily pregnant with her boy, Tristan Thompson. Now she takes care more than ever to make her pregnancy […]

The trick that Brad Pitt uses to try to flirt with unknown women

Brad Pitt seems to be enjoying his bachelorhood very much, as he does not miss any opportunity to flirt with the girls. Now it has been known how to link Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband when he wants to meet women. Since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie decided to end their marriage, several times we have seen […]

Mexican actor Alejandro Axel accused of murdering model Karen Grodzinski

Alejandro Axel has been arrested in Mexico as a suspect in the death of Argentine model Karen Grodzinski, who was found shot in the head on December 27. The Mexican actor has been accused of being the alleged killer of the 23-year-old girl. Karen was found in a hotel room in the Mexican capital, just […]

Elsa Pataky and Miley Cyrus have received 2018 with the craziest party

Elsa Pataky has bid farewell to 2017 with Miley Cyrus with whom she has been enjoying a musical festival, as the model has shown in a snapshot she has shared on her Instagram. With the exception of Chris and Liam Hemsworth, the entire family has been giving their all in the Falls Festival to welcome […]

Trump refuted insults to third world countries

President of the United States Donald Trump said that the reports that he allegedly insulted some states, from which migrants arrive in America, are untrue. Senator Dick Durbin absolutely incorrectly conveyed the meaning of what was said at the DACA meeting. Transactions can not be concluded when there is no confidence! “- says Trump’s message […]

Prime Minister of Hungary criticized the EU for its policy towards Russia

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, in an interview with Welt am Sonntag, criticized the European Union’s policy toward Russia. According to him, Russian President Vladimir Putin managed to strengthen his country and make it a global player on the world stage. “European policy towards Russia is bad, because it is too one-sided,” the Hungarian prime […]

Trump called mentally ill the author of the scandalous book about himself

The US president noted that the leading American media “go crazy” because of his victory in the presidential elections. He lamented the large number of fake news and the fact that journalists “do not try to convey the right information.” “They promote the fake book of a mentally ill author who consciously writes false information,” […]

President of France Macron was the author of an erotic novel

Rumors of the literary past of Macron appeared on the eve of the release of the biography of his wife Brigitte. The book, in particular, included the memories of Macron’s neighbor about the events of 1993, when the future president of France was 16 years old. The woman then worked as a text-setter. Once, Macron […]

Even 15 earthquakes hit Athens last night

In Greece, a series of earthquakes was registered, according to seismological agencies, the epicenter of the first earthquake with a magnitude of 4.4 degrees Rihter was about 25 kilometers northeast of Athens at a depth of five kilometers. The first earthquake occurred last night at 22:30 local time, followed by a series of a total […]

Germany: School bus hit the wall, 20 injured

At least 20 people were injured when a school bus hit a wall in the German city of Eberbach. At least six children are heavily injured. According to the first information, the bus hit the wall of the electronics store in the city in the west of Germany. Police, firefighters and ambulance are at the […]